Chinese military aircraft activate self-destruct mode if used against China

Chinese military drones, which are being sold to other countries, cannot be used to launch strikes on their national territory. There is a “monitor” technology for this.

The information was revealed in the Chinese edition of the South China Morning Post, whose reporters spoke to a source close to the military. According to him, drones, including reconnaissance drones, cannot be used against China.

Last year, the CEO of the Turkish company Baykar, Haluk Bayraktar, told the media in an interview that the Chinese-made drones “turn around on their own when approaching the borders of the People’s Republic of China.” This new information confirms his words.

By the way, Khalouk Bayraktar pointed out that the advantage of Chinese drones prompted some customers to choose Turkish drones, including the Bayraktar TB2. This allowed Turkey to overtake China in terms of drone exports.

According to China expert Li Ji, the existence of “censorship” as part of exported products is a “general fact of knowledge”. All drones are guided by GPS or BeiDou navigation systems, which Chinese engineers are taking advantage of. Some drones can self-destruct if the security technology is compromised or bypassed.

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