China unveils the TS-20 long-range cruise missile launched from drones and stealth fighters

الصين تكشف عن صاروخ كروز TS-20 بعيد المدى المطلق من الطائرات المسيرة والمقاتلات الشبحية

A Chinese twin-tailed “Scorpion” drone, which carries a TS-20 cruise missile/drone, appeared.

The TS-20 has a foldable stealth wing.

It has a range of about 1000 km, and a modular system that allows it to be equipped with different warheads.

Why is the TS-20 a game-changer?

The missile appears to be small enough to fit in the weapons bay of the Chinese J-20 and J-35 stealth fighter jets. (Carrying 2 shouldn’t be a problem).

This would give the J-20 and J-35 a long-range capability against ground targets and ships, up to approximately 1,000 km.

Other drone platforms can carry the missile, giving China the ability to seal off the Western Pacific or South China Sea.

The missile will create a new threat to the US Navy and China may use it in offensive dumping, by acting in concert with hypersonic missiles, on US naval vessels.

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