SPY-X loitering munition.. Why is Morocco seeking to own loitering planes?

الذخيرة المتسكعة SPY-X.. لماذا يسعى المغرب لامتلاك الطائرات المتسكعة؟

Lurking munitions or suicide drones have shown great effectiveness in strengthening the performance of ground forces in the battlefields of Ukraine and Karabakh, especially in an environment where the use of air cover means becomes difficult with the presence of multiple and diverse air defenses, whether to neutralize enemy artillery, heavy equipment and enemy air defenses, without the need for friction. direct.

The SPY-X loitering munition that Morocco recently obtained to support its artillery capabilities in providing even close air cover for infantry, is able to work interoperably with the rest of the Royal Artillery drones that can identify their targets and direct them towards them to destroy them, with a margin of error that does not exceed one meter and at a range that may reach 50 km, with a warhead weighing up to 2.5 kg.

This important addition to the Kingdom’s defense capabilities reflects the high situational awareness of the leadership of the Royal Armed Forces to draw lessons and lessons from the modern battlefields and empower the forces with the latest technologies to confront various growing threats, as well as support the deterrent dimension of the defensive combat capabilities of the Royal Armed Forces.

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