The Algerian army mysteriously acquires Russian Tor-M2K air defense systems in an unusual configuration

The Algerian army mysteriously acquires Russian Tor-M2K air defense systems in an unusual configuration

The video clips revealed the integration of a Belarusian wheeled vehicle with the Algerian Tor-M2K system, which raised questions about the source of those systems.

Videos appeared on the network showing military exercises in Algeria. These videos revealed that the Algerian military has gained access to at least several short-range air defense systems known as the Tor-M2K, which were not previously reported. The footage showed at least two of these air defense systems, but it is likely that more were delivered.

A notable feature of the Algerian Tor-M2K air defense system is that it is mounted on the MZKT-6922 wheeled chassis of Belarusian production, which was manufactured by the Minsk Tractor Plant. It is noteworthy that the Armed Forces of Belarus also use Tor-M2K systems in the same configuration.

Algerian Tor-M2K air defense system

Minsk is unlikely to be the supplier of these air defense systems. This is because Belarus has not been able to fulfill its procurement plan to acquire 10 batteries of these complexes for its armed forces over the course of 11 years. As of the end of December 2022, they only had six batteries.

Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that the Tor-M2K systems, even in limited quantities, were sold directly by Russia as the actual manufacturer of these systems. However, given the unconventional use of the Belarusian wheeled chassis, there may be two possible scenarios.

Tor-M2K air defense system for the Algerian Armed Forces, June 2023 / Video screenshot
Tor-M2K air defense system of the Algerian Armed Forces, June 2023

Alternatively, the Russian military-industrial complex may have simply obtained the necessary wheeled chassis through barter, while retaining all export earnings from deliveries to Algeria. Another possibility is that Alexander Lukashenko also received his “bonus” from Algerian shipments in the form of currency revenue from the Algerians.

Since the Belarusian military-industrial complex is also interested in securing income from export deliveries, especially when it cannot hold large purchases for the Belarusian army.

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