UAE-Japanese agreement for exports and transfer of defense technology

اليابان تزيد من نطاق كشف نظام الدفاع الجوي PAC3 لمواجهة صواريخ DF-17 الباليستية فرط الصوتية الصينية

The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said late yesterday, Thursday, that Japan and the UAE have agreed to a deal on defense equipment and technology transfer, in a move that enables joint research, development and production.

While Tokyo has struck about a dozen similar bilateral deals, including with the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, the ruling Liberal Democratic Party is considering easing tough restrictions on Japanese arms exports in general.

Staff Major General Dr. Mubarak Saeed bin Ghafan Al Jabri, Assistant Undersecretary for Support and Defense Industries at the Ministry of Defense, and the Japanese Ambassador to the UAE, Akio Isomata, signed a cooperation agreement between the UAE government and the government of Japan, in the presence of a number of senior officers of the Ministry of Defense.

The agreement, which was signed at the Ministry’s headquarters in Abu Dhabi, aims to implement joint research, development and production projects, in addition to strengthening joint cooperation and developing bilateral relations in various fields, especially in the defense and military fields.

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