Iran is developing a new version of the hypersonic ‘Fatah ballistic missile’ with an extended firing range

Iran unveils its first hypersonic missile "Fatah"

Iran recently unveiled a hypersonic (hypersonic) ballistic missile, dubbed Fattah. As it turned out, the maximum launch range of the missile will be increased.

During Fattah’s presentation, Iranian officials said the missile has a top speed of more than 17,000 km/h (Mach 14) and a range of 1,400 km. Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh said the day before that the Fattah will be able to hit targets up to 2,000 kilometers away when it receives the upgrade.

Amir Ali Hajizadeh indicated that the hypersonic ballistic missile is capable of overcoming all air defense systems and eliminating enemy anti-missile systems. The Fatah does not simply fly a parabolic trajectory like conventional ballistic missiles, but it can maneuver in the atmosphere and beyond.

It is difficult to say whether Iran has actually built such a missile. The public statements of the country’s leaders are often far from reality. For example, the Army recently unveiled a next-generation weapons supercomputer, but it turns out to be an ARM board that sells for $700.

Hypersonic missile

A hypersonic missile is a type of missile that travels at supersonic speed (approximately 1225 kilometers per hour in standard atmosphere conditions). These missiles are designed to achieve very high speeds and to defeat ordinary air defense systems.

The advantage of hypersonic missiles is that they move at great speed, which makes them difficult to intercept and avoid by conventional air defense systems. The speed of a hypersonic missile depends on its design, the type of engines it uses, and the technology available.

Hypersonic missiles are used in many applications, including military and defense. It can be used for the purpose of attacking military targets, such as sea targets, land targets, and air targets. It can also be used for espionage, reconnaissance, intelligence and other purposes.

Examples of well-known hypersonic missiles include the Bombardier Global 6000 (BrahMos) and the US-developed X-51 Waverider, which has achieved a speed exceeding five times the speed of sound.

The development, manufacture, and use of hypersonic missiles require high levels of technology, planning, and safety, and safety and security issues are critical in this regard.

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