Iran claims to have developed a quantum processor, and its lies are exposed

إيران تدعي تطوير معالج كمومي "Quantum Processor" وينفضح كذبها

The Imam Khomeini University of Marine Science and Technology (RA) has unveiled its so-called “first quantum processing algorithm product”. But it wasn’t long before that claim fell apart.

In the presence of Iranian Brigadier General Habibullah al-Sayyari, deputy coordinator of the Islamic Republic’s Army (and former commander of the Navy), the university reviewed a “quantum processor”. The board in question is only a few inches long on each side, with a cool radial circular pattern, though it looked a little too rudimentary to feature any kind of quantum processing power on its own.

Shortly after this announcement, Gabriel Noronha, former US State Department advisor on Iran, discovered that this “quantum processor” was in fact a widely available development board.

“You can also get this ‘quantum processor’ for as low as $589 on Amazon,” he explains. He even added a screenshot of the Amazon page, in case anyone wants to buy a similar one for themselves.

The board turns out to be a ZedBoard Zynq-7000, and its real specs are far from running a quantum processor.

“To deal with future threats, it is necessary to pay attention to emerging and leading technologies,” Iranian news agency Tasnim claimed. She also noted the painting’s use to “deal with algorithmic deception in surface ship positioning systems.”

This is not the first time Iran has tried to claim a hack. The country’s recent claims of developing a COVID-19 detector turned out to be fake, as the device was sold as part of a scam known throughout the Middle East.

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