Indonesia donates F-5 fighter parts to Tunisia

إندونيسيا تتبرع بقطع غيار مقاتلات F-5 لتونس

Indonesia donated spare parts for the F-5E/F Tiger II fighter jet to the Republic of Tunisia.

As is well known, the Indonesian Air Force decommissioned its fleet of F-5E/F fighters in 2016. A number of Indonesian Air Force F-5s have also been used as memorials in various places.

The Indonesian Ministry of Defense plans to purchase the Su-35 from Russia as a replacement for the F-5E/F Tiger II, which has served for 35 years in the Indonesian Air Force.

The purchase of 11 Su-35 aircraft was signed in February 2018. However, due to pressure from the United States through the CAATSA law, the Indonesian Ministry of Defense finally canceled the Su-35 purchase.

Currently, the Iswahjudi squadron, which was flying the F-15E/F, has received replacement fighters, the F-16C/D Fighting Falcon from the United States.

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