An Israeli Apache helicopter was hit

تحطم مروحية AH-64 أباتشي يونانية فوق نهر أثناء محاولتها تقليد مناورة قامت بها مروحية التمساح KA-52 الروسية

An Israeli army Apache helicopter was damaged and had to make an emergency landing after being targeted by Palestinian militants in Jenin.

The Apache helicopter is an attack helicopter used by many air forces around the world, including the Israeli army. Developed by Boeing Aircraft Corporation, it is considered one of the most effective attack helicopters in the world.

The Apache has advanced attack and tactical capabilities, making it suitable for a variety of military missions, including bombing ground targets, destroying armored targets, close air support, and combat field surveillance. Apache helicopters are equipped with advanced sensor, surveillance and weapons systems, giving them the ability to carry out missions with precision and efficiency.

The Israeli army is one of the main users of Apache helicopters. Israel has developed and modified American models to suit its unique military needs and circumstances. The Israeli army’s Apache helicopters have been adapted with improved technologies and advanced electronic systems that enable them to achieve precision attack and high firepower.

Apache helicopters of the Israeli army are used to secure borders and participate in military operations and security missions. These helicopters are part of the important air and military capabilities that contribute to achieving the strategic goals of the Israeli army.

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