Israel announces the summary of the investigation into the accident that killed 3 Israeli soldiers

إسرائيل يعلن خلاصة التحقيق في الحادث الذي أسفر عن مقتل 3 من الجيش الإسرائيلي

On Tuesday, June 13, 2023, the Israeli army announced the conclusion of the investigation into the incident that resulted in the death of recruit Muhammad Salah and 3 Israeli soldiers, on the common border on the morning of Saturday, June 3, 2023.

The results of the investigation announced by the Israeli army differ in their version from the official version presented by Egypt, through the announcement by the spokesperson of the armed forces, that the accident occurred by mistake as a result of the soldier’s pursuit of drug smuggling elements.

The most prominent findings of the Israeli investigation:

What happened?

• Recruit Mohamed Salah infiltrated from the Egyptian border into the occupied Palestinian territories through one of the security passages in the fence.

• First Sergeant Uri Iluz, platoon commander of the “Fahd” Battalion, and Sergeant Leah Bin Noun were shot, while they were performing the task of protecting the area, killing them both.

• After several hours, Mohammed Salah was spotted, who fired from a long distance, killing First Sergeant Ohad Chamoun and wounding one of the sniper soldiers.

• “Salah” exchanged fire with an Israeli army force, led by the brigade commander and his soldiers. One of them was wounded and then killed.

What are the causes of the accident?

• The security passage in the fence, which was hidden but not closed.
Non-specific practice of the principle of security and guarding in the border area.

What are the results of the accident?

• According to the Israeli statement, the incident led to a set of consequences:

• Blocking the security passages in the fence.

• Shortening the duration of the continuous mission of the soldiers in this region from 12 continuous hours.

• Implementing an immediate plan from a division called “Edom” to enhance readiness to deal with any similar incident on the borders with Egypt.

• Considering the means of defense that the Israeli soldiers have in that area.

• Reprimand the commander of the 80th Division due to his overall responsibility for the incident and failure to monitor the application of regulations.

• Relieve the brigade commander from his position and transfer him to another position.

• Rebuke the commander of the “Fahd” battalion and suspend his progress in the army for a period of five years.

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