Israel: The future of missile defense lies in lasers, not warheads

إسرائيل: مستقبل الدفاع الصاروخي يكمن في الليزر وليس في الرؤوس الحربية

The future of missile defense lies in lasers and other beam systems, not in kinetic warheads or missile launches.

This was stated by Director of the Israel Missile Defense Organization (IMDO) Moshe Patel on Tuesday 29-5.

Sputnik quoted Patel as saying at a meeting at the Center for Strategic and International Studies: “The future will depend on directed energy.”

Patel explained that the development of this weapon will be dictated by considerations of energy capabilities compared to the limited and very expensive kinetic defense systems. He said that at the moment a number of countries have managed to develop this weapon.

“We need to turn to new technologies,” he said.

It is reported that Israel is currently preparing to develop a system to protect its population centers from missile attacks, including hypersonic weapons.

Patel stressed that whatever the threat, the Israeli missile defense system will be ready.

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