Israel will not hand over ‘Iron Dome’ to Kiev for fear of falling into the hands of Iran

إسرائيل لن تسلم "القبة الحديدية" إلى كييف خوفا من وقوعها في أيدي إيران

Israel will not deliver the Iron Dome air defense system or other weapons to Kiev due to fears that they could fall into Iranian hands.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said this in an interview with The Wall Street Journal published on Thursday.

“We are worried about the possibility that the systems we are going to provide to Ukraine could fall into the hands of the Iranians,” he said, as reported by TASS.

Netanyahu revealed that if this happens, Tehran will be able to use Israeli weapons against Israel.

He noted that Israel is a densely populated country and has so far avoided major casualties as the Iron Dome system can shoot down 95% of the missiles targeting Israeli population centers.

He added, “If this regime falls into the hands of the Iranians, millions of Israelis will be defenseless and will be exposed to danger.”

Iron Dome is an air defense system developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems in partnership with the American arms manufacturer Raytheon.

The air defense system is one of the most effective against short-range missiles.

In early June 2022, the Ukrainian ambassador to Israel, Yevgeny Kornychuk, said that Ukraine was interested in acquiring the Iron Dome system.

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