Israel lifts the confidentiality of the documents of the October 73 war

إسرائيل ترفع السرية عن وثائق حرب أكتوبر 73

For the first time since the end of the war, Israel has declassified documents from the October 73 war.

Today, Monday, the Israeli army announced the lifting of complete secrecy about the October War that took place in the year 1973, 50 years after its occurrence, and launched a large and comprehensive website in this regard that will be available to the public from now on.

According to what was published by the Hebrew media, through the army’s website, tens of thousands of documents, photos, videos, recordings, and personal testimonies of those who fought the war can be viewed.

These materials revealed, for the first time, key and intelligence points that preceded the war by days, and were reviewed by security committees headed by the head of the Military Intelligence Service at the time, General Eli Ezra.

Israel usually lifts the confidentiality of documents after a period of time of no less than 25 years from their occurrence, after repeated press and media claims, and allows the public to view the documents through various media.

The documents are all in Hebrew, the photos are in the thousands and the videos are in the dozens, and they are all first time showing, so I will provide a direct link for viewing.

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