The first appearance of the Tor-M2 system in Algeria

أول ظهور لمنظومة Tor-M2 في الجزائر

The Russian-made Tor-M2 short-range air defense system appeared for the first time today from the Fajr 2023 exercise of the Algerian army.

The Tor-M2 is a mobile and multi-mission air defense system that is used to protect military and civilian installations from low-level air threats, such as aircraft, missiles, drones and cruise missiles.

Developed in Russia, the Tor-M2 is an evolution of previous versions of the Tor-M1. The system consists of mobile trucks carrying a range of surface-to-air missiles and the sensor, control and command system. The system uses radars to detect and track air targets and locate potential targets, and uses short-range missiles to intercept and destroy targets.

The Tor-M2 system is known for its ability to deal with multiple threats at the same time, and it can destroy low-level air targets with high accuracy. It also features a fast response time and the ability to operate in a variety of weather conditions.

The Tor-M2 system is widely used around the world and is considered one of the preferred options for countries looking for a powerful and mobile air defense system with multiple air protection capabilities.

The Tor-M2 system has several advantages that make it effective in protecting targets from air threats. Here are some of these features:

1. Multi-threat capability: The Tor-M2 system is designed to counter various air threats including combat aircraft, helicopters, drones, and cruise missiles. This versatility makes it a resilient system capable of dealing with a wide range of threats.

2. Effective detection and tracking ability: The Tor-M2 radar system has a high ability in early detection of air targets and tracking them with high accuracy. The radar uses modern technologies to effectively detect targets and locate them accurately.

3. Precision guided missiles: The Tor-M2 system relies on precision guided missiles that operate with missile propulsion. These missiles are characterized by high controllability and accuracy, which allows them to destroy attacking targets efficiently and effectively.

4. Fast response time: The Tor-M2 system has a fast response time, as the target is detected and the system responds in a very short time. This means that air threats can be dealt with quickly and appropriate defense measures taken at the right time.

5. Ability to operate in a variety of conditions: The Tor-M2 is designed to operate in a variety of conditions including harsh weather conditions and complex environments. The system can be easily moved and deployed in different locations to achieve maximum coverage and protection.

These are some of the key features of the Tor-M2 system. These features can contribute to enhancing air defense capability and protecting targets against potential air threats.

The range of the Tor-M2 system depends on the exact version and specific configuration of the system. Typically, the Tor-M2 has a range of 12 to 15 kilometers in terms of radar detection and tracking of air targets. The effective range of the system’s missiles ranges from 1.5 to 15 kilometers, depending on the configuration and parameters selected.

The Tor-M2 system has a maximum combat capability in the near and medium ranges, as it can accurately and effectively intercept air targets at a very close range to potential targets. This medium range is suitable for protecting vital targets such as military and civilian installations, military bases, ports, and airports.

It should be noted that the exact range may vary based on ambient conditions and various factors such as altitude, potential minerals and insulators in the area, and system patches and improvements. Therefore, the specific technical data for the specific version of the Tor-M2 system should be referred to for detailed information on the exact range.

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