Ukraine sends Challenger 2 tanks, newly received from Britain, to the front line (video)

دبابة تشالنجر 2

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have reportedly deployed their recently received Challenger 2 main battle tanks to the front line.

Tanks delivered by Britain have been filmed driving through a forest in eastern Ukraine.

The Challenger 2 tank is heavily armored and highly mobile, and is designed for use in the direct fire zone. Its primary role is to destroy or neutralize shields. However, it also has the ability to engage both hard and soft targets and can operate across a range of high-intensity conflict, counter-insurgency, and peacekeeping roles.

The tank is equipped with a 120mm L30 cannon, which fires both high-explosive and high-explosive (HESH) ordnance. Secondary weapons include a 7.62mm coaxial cannon and a 7.62mm pivot-mounted general purpose machine gun.

Ukraine received a batch of Challenger 2 tanks as part of British military aid to help it push back Russian forces in the eastern and southern parts of the country.

The UK government provided £2.3 billion in military aid to Ukraine in 2022 and the prime minister has committed to matching that in 2023, having already provided more than 10,000 anti-tank missiles, and 100,000 rounds of artillery ammunition (with a further 100,000 planned). In 2023), more than a hundred anti-aircraft guns, self-propelled artillery, and trained more than 15 thousand recruits in the Ukrainian Air Force.

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