Ukraine claims it will win the war with F-16 fighters

Ukraine confirmed that it will win the war against Russia with F-16 fighter jets. Admittedly, the air defense systems supplied by the West are currently insufficient to counter Russian drones and cruise missiles.

Yuriy Ihnat, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force Command, said on Saturday that the F-16 fighters would be a game-changer in the conflict between Moscow and Kiev, which has lasted more than a year.

“When we have the F-16s, we will win this war,” said Ihnat.

He added that Kiev has repeatedly told its Western backers that the air defense systems it got from the West are not enough to protect all of Ukraine from Russian air strikes.

Ihnat said, “The country’s territory, the length of its borders, and the frontline are vast. It is more than 2,500 kilometers long.

Therefore, Ehnat continued to the Ukrainian Espresso TV channel, to cover such an expanse, Ukraine needs American F-16 fighter jets that will become part of the Ukrainian air defense in the most inaccessible areas on Earth.

Ihnat said Ukraine would also use F-16s to attack Russian forces’ command centers and logistical networks. This would allow Kiev to quickly seize the territories already occupied by Russia.

As is known, last Friday, US President Joe Biden approved the training of Ukrainian pilots with F-16 fighter jets.

Biden also approved the transfer of F-16s to Ukraine by the United States and NATO-allied countries.

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