Germany allows the export of 6 A400 aircraft to the UAE

ألمانيا تسمح بتصدير 6 طائرات A400 للإمارات

According to government and industry sources, the German government plans to approve the export of two A400M aircraft to Indonesia and six more to the United Arab Emirates. But the deal may be vetoed by the Greens.

There is disagreement in the federal government over arms export policy. The Green Party in the Bundestag is criticizing a possible arms deal between the government and the United Arab Emirates. According to information from the coalition circles, there are advanced talks about the delivery of six Airbus A400M military transport aircraft.

In a kind of political maneuver, it seems that the license to export two A400 aircraft to Indonesia will be approved first, in order to then allow six more aircraft to the UAE.

Airbus said the A400M was designed primarily for humanitarian missions, such as the evacuation of Western nationals from Afghanistan or Sudan. But the Emirates could in fact use the plane militarily to expand its influence in the region. Because the A400M is much larger, more powerful, and more versatile than other military cargo ships, it can move weapons into difficult terrain faster and with less risk. The A400M can also refuel combat aircraft in midair.

A400M aircraft

The A400M is a medium-sized military transport aircraft developed by Airbus Military to meet the needs of multinational air forces. It is designed to carry out the tasks of air transportation of people, cargo and heavy military cargo.

The A400M is distinguished by its ability to fly long range and intercontinentally thanks to its ability to refuel in the air. It features powerful quad engines and a retractable wing to facilitate short runway take-offs and landings. The A400M has a range of about 3,300 km and a speed of about 900 km per hour.

Many countries use the A400M in their air forces, and it is used for transporting troops and military equipment, dropping paratroopers, humanitarian relief, procedures for evacuating the wounded, and supporting military operations in conflict zones.

The A400M has advanced technical capabilities, such as electronic control systems and modern techniques for manipulating, loading and unloading cargo. It is also designed to withstand and adapt to the harsh military aviation conditions.

The A400M is one of the most modern and advanced aircraft in its class and plays an important role in military air transport and support for the armed forces in various countries.

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