Better than the Patriots? The Russian S-350 Vityaz system shot down a Ukrainian plane while it was operating in automatic mode

ظهور نظام الدفاع الجوي متوسط ​​المدى S-350 Vityaz في الجزائر

Months after making its first appearance near Ukraine in August last year, the Russian S-350 Vityaz air defense system achieved an unprecedented milestone by shooting down a Ukrainian plane through “automatic mode”.

The Russian S-350 Vityaz anti-aircraft missile system shot down a Ukrainian plane in the area of ​​special operations in a fully automatic mode without operator participation. This method of operation was tested in combat conditions for the first time in the world, reports the Russian news agency RIA Novosti.

The agency’s interlocutor said: “The Vityaz anti-aircraft missile system in the area of ​​special military operations was implemented for the first time in the world in practical combat conditions fully automatically, without the participation of the operator, and detected, tracked and defeated Ukrainian air targets. The regime’s missiles shot down several fighter jets and drones in Ukraine.”

At the same time, he added, the combat crew only controls the operation of the complex.

An unnamed source reached by RIA Novosti explained, “The automatic mode was implemented based on the principle that a person does not cancel the decisions of the artificial intelligence elements of the complex within the framework of the emerging air combat situation, that is, the operator simply did not interfere with the operation of the complex, which confirms the operating algorithm chosen by the machine.” .

The interlocutor stated that “Vityaz” operates simultaneously in active and passive radar mode. This method essentially increases its noise immunity and its ability to detect and classify targets. This development comes months after the system was first deployed along the front lines.

In August 2022, visual evidence emerging on social media indicated that the S-350 Vityaz air defense system had been deployed to an air base less than 40 miles from the Ukrainian border days after Ukraine began bombing Russian military facilities in Crimea. , including the notorious attack on the Saki air base in southern Crimea.

Elements of the S-350 Vityaz air defense system have been spotted for the first time in a video released by the Russian Defense Ministry. While said video was intended to showcase the close air support activities of its Su-25 Frogfoot at an undisclosed air base near Ukraine, it was the S-350 that attracted most of the attention.

The appearance of the S-350 components is most interesting. A 50N6A fire control radar, a 96L6-TsP acquisition radar, as well as two missile launchers and a launcher/loader vehicle similar to the 50P6T are designated.

At the time, military observers indicated that the video was likely filmed at Taganrog Air Base, near the port city of the same name in Rostov Oblast on the Sea of ​​Azov. Numerous reports online indicated that the S-350 has been extensively involved in the so-called “military special operations” area.

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