“Abu Dhabi Ship Building” reveals the design of the 92-meter Corvette at the Lima 2023 exhibition

"أبوظبي لبناء السفن" تكشف عن تصميم كورفيت بطول 92 متر في معرض ليما 2023

Abu Dhabi Ship Building (ADSB), a subsidiary of Edge, today announced the launch of the 92-meter Corvette, a fast and powerful vanguard vessel, designed by Abu Dhabi Ship Building Bank in the United Arab Emirates.

The Abu Dhabi-based shipbuilder announced at the Langkawi International Aeronautics and Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA 2023), which is being held in Malaysia until May 27.

The dynamic, multi-domain vessel, designed, built, and equipped to perform a wide range of coastal missions, features a helicopter and hangar deck, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operations capability, two rigid inflatable rubber boats, various combat systems, electronic warfare (EW) and an array wide range of countermeasures. With stealth and ballistic protection features, it provides advanced surveillance and protection capabilities across air, surface and electronic warfare in the near shore theater.

Propelled by Combined Diesel and Diesel (CODAD) engines, it achieves a maximum speed of 28 knots and an endurance of over 4,500 Nm at cruising speed.

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