Cute and Furry Accessory

Cute & Furry

I’m collaborating with The Shopping Bag and sharing with you a cute and furry accessory. I hand picked this sassy soft hearted fur pom pom key chain.  It’s a pink heart shaped faux fur key chain with two pink tassels. Mine has a slight heart shape to it, but I love it in any shape. I was honestly surprised at myself for picking this key chain, but once I received it I was giddy. I couldn’t believe how adorable it is, like a little pink kitten curled up dangling off my keys. So cute right?!

It’s super lightweight, so if it’s attached to your keys it won’t weigh you down. I absolutely LOVE how it looks attached to a hand bag or a set of keys. It certainly adds some personality to your look. It’s such a cute, flirty little accessory that will make any hand bag pop. Not to mention, forget about ever losing your keys again with this adorable pom attached!

I wore my new bits out on a stroll around town since the weather was so nice and unusually warm for February. The warmth was a nice treat since tomorrow we will be getting a lot of snow, 14 inches! All that fresh air really boosted my mood and all the restaurants around us smelled so good. Every few steps we would comment on the delicious aromas. But sadly we didn’t grab a bite to eat, as we had some dinner plans. Definitely making plans to go to them next time.

I really enjoyed doing a fashion post instead of a fitness/health focused one, and there will most definitely be more posts like this. So keep your eyes peeled! Wanted to finish off this post with a big thank you to The Shopping Bag for collaborating with me. I also just wanted to mention that even though this is a collaboration all views are my own!