Mary’s Secret Ingredient Box

Secret Ingredients


I was lucky enough to receive a box filled with neat goodies from Mary’s Secret Ingredient. Before I talk about all the goodies inside, let me tell you a little bit about Mary’s Secret Ingredient. Mary’s secret ingredients is a limited edition culinary surprise subscription box  that contains unique, gourmet products you’ve probably never heard of. Every season a limited number of curated boxes are filled with lovely surprises to inspire your cooking. I received the winter box containing  six products. Let’s start off with what I was most excited to see when I opened up my box, the tea! I love tea, and drink it all day. I usually stick to plain green tea. Blah, I know so boring, but oh my gosh when I took a sip of this tea I was blown away. It is so minty! Hence the name, merry mint.

When I dug out this jar of wild natural lingonberries I was totally confused. I don’t know about you but I pretty much only know of raspberries, blueberries and cranberries. So I loved that I learned something new and tried a new food. The lingonberries have a tart, somewhat dry flavor, which I kind of enjoyed. Topping yogurt with this would be so delicious!

I thought this cake server was so odd looking but neat. I tried it, but I don’t think I was doing it right since it didn’t quite go smoothly or look anything like the picture on the packaging. But I’m sure a little bit of practice will help.

This Za’atar mediterranean spice is so so so good! I put it on chicken and I also put it on buttered toast.  Marinating your chicken in this, is the best thing you could possibly do for your taste buds.

I thought these wine grape raisins were so cute and hysterical when I saw them. I love that they are in snack size packaging and all but personally I don’t snack on raisins, with that said I do love them on my salads.

Last thing I dug out of the box was a bag of pasta! I’m not really a pasta eater, but since this bag was in the box of course I was going to try it! I believe that the whole point of Mary’s Secret Ingredient is to try and experience new things. Even though pasta isn’t a new thing to me it was definitely a new shape for me. I simply enjoyed a serving with a bit of butter and garlic bread. Lemme tell you, I was in heaven. Ideal combo for me. Butter, pasta and garlic bread mmmmm.

I just want to give a big thank you to Mary’s Secret Ingredient for sending me this box. It was an absolute joy to open and try all these new things.  If you want to try out a box for yourself use the code TRYMSI for 20% off anything!

  • I love the idea of this, it’s so easy to get into a habit with what we eat/drink it’s great to be able to try new things- especially those we wouldn’t normally choose ourselves!

    • Right! I personally stick to the same food over and over again, so something like this makes me want to try to branch off more:)