Healthy Apple Donuts


I’ve been seeing these all around instagram, so naturally I had to try them for myself and if it went well, share it! So obviously it went well, and I got that insta worthy pic up hehe. This may perhaps be the easiest snack/desert… EVER! I could be wrong, so don’t quote me on that… but if I am right, quote away!

You’ve got your apples, your favorite nut butter, melted chocolate chips, and some toasted walnuts. Five ingredients, easy peasy! Before we begin the slicin’… Melt your chocolate chips and toast those walnuts. After you’re done meltin’ n’ toastin’, begin slicing up your apples. Make sure your sliced apples are thick enough to hold the rest of the ingredients. To get that donut look I used a small circular cookie/fruit cutter. You could totally use, say a bottle cap of some sort. Works like a charm.  Now spread your nut butter of choice onto the apple slices and then drizzle that chocolate all over baby! Sprinkle those walnuts on top and bam, desert is served. Or snacks are served, whatever you’re in the mood for.