Mamma Chia

For a couple weeks now I’ve been trying these adorable squeezable pouches. They look the same as the ones you see in stores for babies, but trust me on this one, this is for us big kids! Mamma Chia’s pouches are chock-full of antioxidant, omega goodness, and can’t forget to mention full of yummy flavor. The texture and flavors remind me of a runnier chia seed jam. Sometimes I find myself eating two of these a day, they are that good, I crave them. My top favorites are,  Mango coconut, green machine, and strawberry banana. I mean do they even sound like they are for babies? Okay maybe strawberry banana, but so what? I’m a kid at heart I suppose. MammaChiaChia Squeeze MammaChiaMammaChia Instagram @arnellak

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Chia + InstaMamaChia Chia Squeeze

Less than 100 calories per pouch and packed with lots goodness and yumminess. I say give it a squeeze.