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A while back I found myself in Juice Press and as I looked around I spotted these infused waters. Being the health freak that I am, I wanted to try them. I tried three different Juice Press infused waters, vitamin c, cinnamon, and rose. The thing they all have in common is that they are all calorie free, which is great! I personally prefer my water to be calorie free. Each infusion also has their own benefits, which is what got me excited, it’s all about the benefits, am I right?

Water+ Juice Press

Holy Moly! The rose infused water tastes like roses! I’ve never eaten a rose but I have smelled them, and this water tastes just like how they smell. That make sense? ¬†I found this one to be relaxing even though it has this powerful rose flavor.¬†The vitamin c infused water delivers a daily dose of vitamin c, and is flavorless. I can’t say I felt like I got an extra boost of vitamin c, but I can say I did enjoy it. Cinnamon infused water was another flavor I tried. Cinnamon is a great spice, and provides so many benefits like aiding your digestion¬†and anti-inflammatory properties. Can’t forget all the antioxidants as well. I was a tad put off by the flavor, I couldn’t get over my water tasting like cinnamon, it was just weird. Minus the weirdness, I’m sure this would be a great water to add to my daily diet, as well as the vitamin c infused water and the rose water. Obviously I didn’t see or feel any immediate benefits, but I think after drinking them for a longer period of time I would notice a difference.Water+

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