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bai water antioxidants

Bai Antioxidant Infusian Water Kula Watemelon

Kula Watermelon + Blueberries

We all know it’s been really hot lately and the best way to cool off is with a nice, cold drink. I like to keep things simple, I did this simple, cute little drink. Nothing much to it, but I love how simple and cute it looks. Great for a party, especially for non alcohol drinkers. All you need is to pick up some Bai Antioxidant infused drinks in the delicious flavor Kula Watermelon. You are also going to need some frozen blueberries and ice. Put it all in a glass and voila.

Bai Kula Watermelon


Bai water watermelon

Go on and wow the crowd… or just enjoy some for yourself!