Micro Greens + Bai

Sometimes you need some greens in you, so here’s what you do. Stuff a handful of microgreens in a blender and pour a delcious healthy drink over them. Make sure you add ice to your cup, it will take this green juice to another level. You may be wondering what  microgreens are. Microgreens or my favorite term, vegetable confetti kind of look like sprouts, but are definitely not sprouts. Microgreens are a bunch of baby greens from kale, chard and many other plants. The reason I like to use microgreens is because they have a pretty good taste but pack a punch in vitamins C, E and have detoxifying properties. Some microgreens have a bit of a kick to them, and are the perfect ingredient to add to a  sandwich. I love using Bai Antioxidant Cocofusion in this concoction because it’s pretty sweet and helps hide the grassy green flavor. Bonus, more antioxidants and it’s pretty low calorie. 10 calories per bottle, not bad at all.  I guess I could call this a mild green juice.

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